Danilo Spada

Graduated in Philosophy, magna cum laude at the Università degli Studi in Milan, Danilo is PhD in Psychobiology (Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Università Statale di Milano) and Docteur de Recherche en Psychologie avec la mention trés honorable avec félicitations du jury (Université de Nanterre, Paris X).

He is a researcher in Psychobiology and Neuroscience of Music, focusing on performance, empathy, movement, proprioception and rehabilitation in the context of the embodied music cognition. He gives a special attention to the cognitive and motor stimulation in dementia and post-stroke diseases.

Currently (2019) he is associate researcher at the Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences, University of Pavia, and at the Institut Image, LE2I FRE 2005, Arts et Métiers.

He cooperates with the Laboratoire CAPS (Cognition, Action et Plasticité Sensorimotrice) of the Université de Bourgogne et Franche-Comté, with the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pisa and with the ATS Monza-Brianza (health protection agency).
With the latter he is working for the European Project Interreg BrainArt, captained by the CRAMS (Center of Research in Arts, Music and Society).

Along with his academic path, he is deepening the study and practice of disciplines falling within the domain of BioNaturopathy, that focus on the energetic thresholds of our organism.

With genuine enthusiasm he keeps cultivating his passion as a saxofonist - performing in cultural and scientific events - and as an alpinist.